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Aloha Construction Foundations

We are currently offering the class On-Demand/In-Person.


The Aloha Construction Foundations Program provides a tailored pathway into the skilled-trade workforce and addresses personal foundation as enthusiastically as it builds capacity. This study pairs an 80-hour core construction class with a guided study in Aloha to lay a multidisciplinary foundation for those seeking a career in the construction industry while strengthening a personal and cultural foundation through the practice of Aloha. Completion of the program will springboard students into any construction discipline they pursue.

16 and up welcome! 

Ages: 16-30 (eligible for full scholarship)

Ages: 31+ (eligible for $500 reduced tuition)

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Aloha Construction Foundations Application Form

Have you participated in any kind of trade training during or after High school?
How did you learn about this prgam?
Are you physically and mentally able to safely perform or learn to safely perform the work of this trade, either with or without reasonable accommodations?
Are you able to get to and from class in the Makaha Area?
Are you able to and willing to attend all related classroom training as required to complete the program?
Are you able to climb and work from ladders, scaffolds of various lengths and heights?
Can you crawl and work in confined spaces?
Are you able to read and understand English?
Are you able to hear and understand verbal instructions and warnings given in English?

Statement of Understanding
You must agree to the following statements below to indicate your understanding.
If you need clarification on any of the items below, do not hesitate to ask.

Thanks for submitting!

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