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Solar 101

Class Kickoff: August 15, 2024


15 weeks. Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:30 to 8:00 pm. In person, Hybrid or Virtual + Field Lab

Hawaii is going green! Be a part of the renewable energy revolution and earn credentials in this exciting and growing industry. PV 101 is your gateway to a career in the solar industry.  It all starts with the fundamentals, and a solid understanding of various components, system architectures, and applications for PV systems.  Other topics include site analysis, system sizing, array configuration, and performance estimation; electrical design characteristics such as wiring, overcurrent protection, and grounding; a detailed look at module and inverter specifications and characteristics; mounting methods for various roof structures and ground-mounts; and an introduction to safely and effectively commissioning grid-direct PV systems.  This course focuses on grid-direct PV systems, but covers material critical to understanding all types of PV systems.

This course meets the North American Board of Energy Practitioners’ (NABCEP’s) educational standards for technicians. Successful completion of this course satisfies NABCEP's formal (classroom) training requirement for Associate level testing. 

18 and up welcome! 

Ages: 16-35 (eligible for full scholarship)

Ages: 35+ (eligible for $500 reduced tuition)

Solar PV 101 Application Form

Have you participated in any kind of trade training during or after High school?
How did you learn about this prgam?
Are you physically and mentally able to safely perform or learn to safely perform the work of this trade, either with or without reasonable accommodations?
Are you able to get to and from class in the Makaha Area?
Are you able to and willing to attend all related classroom training as required to complete the program?
Are you able to climb and work from ladders, scaffolds of various lengths and heights?
Can you crawl and work in confined spaces?
Are you able to read and understand English?
Are you able to hear and understand verbal instructions and warnings given in English?

Statement of Understanding
You must agree to the following statements below to indicate your understanding.
If you need clarification on any of the items below, do not hesitate to ask.

Thanks for submitting! Kindly wait for our representative to contact you for further details.

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